Poplr. Explore. Meet. Connect

Poplr is about exploring and learing what the world around you has to offer. Meet and connect with the people and places in the cities you love.
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Become the beacon that connects the world

With Poplr you can meet and explore the world around you with the people like you

Poplr is about people. People are what build communites and people are what build memories. Poplr is about exploring communites, cities and towns and bringing people together. Explore the community around you, build the friendships that will last a lifetime.

Life is busy and life is saturated. Poplr is about simplying these gaps, building that community that binds us as individuals together. Explore new cities, explore new countries, explore life. Community is personal and Poplr is about you. Bridge the gaps, explore, invite. Be the beacon that drives the community.

Beautifully explore the community around you

With Poplr you can explore the world around you based on your own interests. From coffee meetups to garage sales to happy hour and everything in between.
  • Explore your city based on your own interests
  • Discover new places and people
  • Create your own beacon and grow your influence
  • With Poplr, new adventures and friends are all around you

Poplr will be available in the winter of 2017

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